Young ProspectUs Artists and Makers working with Young People

2018/19 Artists and Makers

Fiona Campbell 
Fiona Campbell is a contemporary artist based in Somerset. Fiona makes predominantly sculptural and installation work using mixed media, particularly discarded, found and reclaimed materials.  She exhibits extensively, works to commission,  runs community projects and teaches art.

Fiona was Artist in Residence for Young ProspectUs in June 2018, working in the studios of Bridgwater & Taunton College. Mutant Sea Creatures and a Dystopian Coral Reef were created with students, using reclaimed and found materials and an environmental theme.

Megan Players
Megan returned to the Young ProspectUs project in 2018 after a big year of big painting. For Somerset Open Studios 2018, Megan showed her collection of 500 five minute life-size life sketches for an installation at ZigZag in Glastonbury.

Young ProspectUs workshops in lino print and chine-colle card making took place in December 2018. Students and staff were taught new skills in a process-led project which had ample opportunity for individual expression and experimentation.

Stephen Ives
Stephen creates bespoke hand-made instruments/sound machines by hacking and repurposing found objects and utilising redundant media and technologies. This opens-up new avenues for design and improvisational performance.
Co-founder of Hacker Farm, an artists collective that produced audio-visual performances, releases and installations.  He continues his exploration into the excitement and danger of free-fall real-time composition, with fellow South West noiseniks Matt Saunders and IX Tab as Rapid Eye Electronics Ltd (R.E.E.L.).
He has performed and exhibited internationally as well as running synth building workshops at festivals, art spaces and educational establishments. Currently co-director of Eastville Project Space. 

Andrea Oke
Andrea is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is linked to storytelling and the preservation of memories. Her work is divided between her passion for drawing and printmaking and her multidisciplinary work undertaken for public commissions. Both aspects of Andrea’s work remain an intrinsic part of her practice.

Edwina Bridgeman

2017 Artists and Makers

Jacky Oliver
Jacky OliverWorking mainly with metal, Jacky creates small hand held objects through to large scale architectural pieces for commissions, residencies and exhibitions. Having initially trained as a jeweller, her work has developed to combine a wide range of techniques and processes which include silversmithing, blacksmithing, bookmaking, and enamelling.

For Young ProspectUs Jacky ran workshops in cuttlefish casting and demonstrated the possibilities of working with metal processes such as casting, fabrication in wire and sheet metal, forging, etching and enamelling. 

It’s been a great privilege to start off a brilliant project, working with such enthusiastic students and staff. Carving ideas in cuttlefish the students then enjoyed the molten pewter being poured to cast their pieces. Everyone worked enthusiastically to create individual artefacts. It will be great to see how they develop their skills in the other materials as the project develops.   J.O.

Megan Players
MP IMAGE 1‘My experience in clay has mostly had a self portrait narrative because I believe that whatever we create is self portrait, overtly or covertly. Clay is a very instinctual material that humans have been modelling into figures for nearly 30,000 years. Aspirations and visions went into the clay.

For Young ProspectUs students worked with crank modelling clay to create an installation inspired by artist Claire Curneen. The students also made self portraits in clay to reflect their maker’s individuality, with symbolic references to things material or emotional that we aspire towards.

I wanted the students to understand that a self portrait doesn’t need to be a photographic representation. The work created was very personal and reflected certain physical and emotional qualities which students considered to be important. As the sculptures contain personal symbology, I suggested that they write a short piece explaining their work and enabling the viewer to have a fuller appreciation.  M.P.

Karina Thompson
25[1]Karina is a textile artist with nearly 30 years’ experience of helping people express themselves with the use of textiles and stitch in particular. She has an open and friendly approach and can find short cuts and easy ways to make thoughtful work look great.  She is particularly good at using sewing machines to allow people to tell stories.

For Young ProspectUs Karina introduced students to sewing machines and how they can be used to make experimental surfaces.

Its great to see someone who is unfamiliar with sewing machines get their confidence and begin to have fun with them.  It helps me reflect on my own approach when you see a fresh pair of hands playing for the first time.  K.T.

Jane Mowat 
largeprintsleeperwithtwodogs[1]Jane started working with wood about 20 years ago, and found that it’s hardness and grain gave her something to work for. Using a mallet and long-handled gouges to make strong marks in the wood, exploring images in a strong, tactile way, exposing the negative and positive shapes to create striking prints. She works from her studio on the edge of Exmoor, surrounded by nature, from which much of her inspiration comes.

For Young ProspectUs Jane ran wood printing workshops in which students learnt to understand the implications of cutting in relief, working with positive / negative surface and in response to the grain of the wood which is being carved.

Rick Crane 
470x600design_01[1]Trained as a graphic designer and with many years experience working for companies and as self employed, Rick Crane now focuses his creativity on illustration and design for clothing, home-wares and accessories. His work is mainly inspired by nature, travel and outdoor adventure. Rick has been commissioned to design tshirts for organisations large and small including Licensed merchandise for Mindcraft™ and Peanuts™ and designs for products by well known tech brands like DELL and SteelSeries.

Follow him on Facebook: The Paper Crane Instagram: @rick.a.crane

Rick’s workshops concentrated on developing a logo/brand for the Young ProspectUs project. Exploring the whole process from ideas to finished artwork and how it could then be applied to appropriate merchandise such as t-shirts and stickers. There was also the opportunity to discuss starting out in the industry as a budding creative; looking at ways to monetise your artwork.